Hashish oil: what it is and what it is used for

Hashish oil: what it is and what it is used for

Modified on: 19/04/2024


Speaking of marijuana, chances are you’ve heard of cannabis seed oil, CBD oil, and hash oil. But is it always the same product?

The answer is no.

There are substantial differences between the three products and, to understand which ones it is, in this article, we want to focus on the less known one: hashish oil.

How is it done?

What is it for?

Here’s everything you should know about hash oil.

What is hash oil? The difference between cannabis oil and CBD

Hash oil is a resinous matrix usually obtained from solvent extraction from the cannabis plant or hashish. This substance has a relatively dark and golden appearance, reminiscent of honey. Not surprisingly, there is a particular type of hash oil that is called ‘cannabis honey’.

The origin of this product is not recent, and over time and depending on the geographical area; hashish oil has been made in many ways.

What is hash oil?

In the nineteenth century, for example, the name of hashish oil indicated the kief (or even the charas), which was dissolved in other vegetable oils to be taken orally or even to be exploited in the kitchen.

In the 70s, butane honey oil had spread (extracted thanks to this substance, from which it takes its name), but only for a short time. It is thought that its production has ceased following the explosion of the manufacturing plant.

That said, let’s clarify the differences with cannabis oil, an entirely different product.

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While hash oil is produced from resin extracted from the inflorescences of cannabis plants, hemp oil is extracted from the plant’s seeds (both classic cannabis and cannabis light).

From this, it follows that hashish oil is endowed with a high percentage of cannabinoids (THC, CBD, and so on). In contrast, cannabis oil has only the protein and nutritional intake of the seeds and is free of cannabinoids, which is why it is used in the kitchen to season many dishes.

Even compared to CBD oil Sativa, there are differences.

The latter is made even differently: it is a mixture of vegetable oils (not necessarily derived from cannabis or light hemp) in which pure CBD has been dissolved.

Like hashish oil, CBD oil cannot be used in cooking but, where permitted, is taken in small doses for recreational and healing purposes.

In addition, while in hash oil, there are many cannabinoids, in Cannabidiol oil, as the name suggests, there are only high percentages of cannabidiol.

Why is hashish oil used?

As we have already clarified in the previous paragraph, hashish oil is an oily compound in which they are dissolved: resin of cannabis flowers, terpenes, and cannabinoids (including mainly THC and Cannabidiol).

Hashish oil can be consumed in various ways, mainly by smoking or vaporizing it (in jargon, it is called ‘dabbing’) or by adding it to food.

Why use this product?

Why is hashish oil used?

Of course, to take advantage of the effects of cannabinoids.

The percentages of THC contained in hashish oil can range between 40 and 90% (they are very high). In addition to this cannabinoid, there may be variable percentages of many other substances produced by the hemp plant.

Therefore, by taking hash oil, the effects that can be obtained range from psychotropic to anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving, and relaxing.

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In conclusion

As we have seen, the differences between hash oil, CBD oil and cannabis oil are considerable.

The first two contain cannabinoids, while the last one contains no cannabinoids at all.

Considering what has been said, it follows that the consumption of hashish oil in Switzerland is deemed to be illegal, while hemp oil can be safely purchased in the most well-stocked markets and used in the kitchen or for body care without running any risk.

CBD oil can also be purchased, but only for collecting purposes.

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