Hashish and sexual effects: does it help or harm before intercourse?

Hashish and sexual effects

Modified on: 19/04/2024


When you hear about the potential of cannabis and its derivatives (such as hashish), you are probably also curious to know whether the cannabinoids they contain can influence the quality of sexual relations.

Does smoking hashish spice up your love life?

Or could it even worsen performance under the sheets?

Here’s what you should know about the relationship between hashish and sexual effects.

Hashish and sexual effects: are they good or bad?

The world of cannabis and light cannabis is fascinating in many ways. The active ingredients it contains (such as THC and CBD) are responsible for many reactions that manifest themselves differently in each individual.

In this regard, many people have wondered whether there is also a correlation between hashish and sexual effects.

Can taking hashish to improve the intimacy of a couple, or is it a hindrance?


The effects of the active ingredients in both hashish and legal hashish vary significantly from person to person, and the same can be said of sex. Everyone experiences things in their way.

With this in mind, some people will say that sex under the influence of hashish is fantastic, while others will say that using marijuana derivatives only complicates matters.

Some have experienced an increase in sexual desire and have been able to live life more carefree under the sheets, and those who have felt less vital than a sloth, preferring a good night’s sleep to a good time with their partner!

There is no specific answer to this question, but what we can do is examine objectively, based on the data we have, the pros and cons.

Here they are in the following few lines.

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THC, CBD and sexual effects: here are the differences

As you probably already know, there are many types of hashish on the market. Still, to better understand its sex-related effects, we will divide this product into two large families below:

  • classic hash (with a high THC content);
  • legal hash (without THC and with a high Cannabidiol content).

THC is a psychotropic and exciting cannabinoid (illegal in Switzerland). CBD, however, is a non-psychotropic cannabinoid with multiple relaxing and ‘healing’ properties.

Taking either type of hashish before sexual intercourse, therefore, changes the end result.

Before going any further, we would like to point out that there is not much research on this subject so far and that the data we have are primarily derived from interviews and surveys.

High-THC hashish and sexual effects

As mentioned earlier, THC is a psychotropic cannabinoid, i.e., a substance that can alter the user’s perception of reality.

The effects of hashish with a high THC content vary from person to person and according to the amount of product consumed. Some people feel more aroused after use and can experience sex with greater emphasis and enthusiasm. Others, however, experience a strong feeling of drowsiness or even a decrease in libido.

So, does this product make life better or worse in bed?

According to Ashley Manta, an expert on the relationship between cannabis and sex and the coiner of the term ‘cannasexual’, the best way to benefit from the use of weed or hashish is to consume minimal doses, perhaps with food, so that you can feel more uninhibited, but without feeling any high.

Of course, this advice can only be followed in countries where the consumption of cannabis and its derivatives is permitted, not in Italy.

According to a study published in ‘Archives of Sexual Behaviour’. However, it was found that due to the narcotic effect of hashish, smoking before lovemaking could make it more difficult for women in particular to reach an orgasm.

High CBD hashish and sexual effects

High CBD hashish and sexual effects

CBD, which is contained in high proportions in legal hashish extracted from CBD weed plants, is a cannabinoid with strong relaxing properties, which helps fight anxiety and is potentially valuable for calming performance anxiety in bed.

If consumed in the proper doses, CBD hashish may improve the quality of sexual intercourse, as there are CBD receptors in the sexual organs.

However, there is still no in-depth data on CBD as an aphrodisiac, but our information is mainly based on the testimonies of many users worldwide.

So, is CBD an ally of sex or not?

As with THC, the effects of taking CBD vary from person to person, and some people experience excessive drowsiness rather than benefits, which makes a nap more appealing to sex.

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The effects of hashish on sex

The data we have so far on the relationship between hashish and sex is still limited and is based more on surveys and interviews, so it must be taken.

Some find it beneficial to take hashish before making love, and those who would not recommend it at all: opinions on this subject are very subjective and divergent!

However, before smoking hashish or consuming other marijuana or CBD flowers derivatives to improve sexual relations, it is always best to seek medical advice, but it is worth noting that it is not currently legal in Switzerland.

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