CBD for osteoarthritis: how to use it to relieve pain

CBD für Osteoarthritis: Wie man es verwendet, um Schmerzen zu lindern

Modified on: 19/04/2024


Osteoarthritis, a degenerative disease that affects the joints of many body areas, can give rise to very intense pain, sometimes challenging to fight.

Often, traditional drugs are not enough to appease them, and it is necessary to supplement their action with natural remedies of various kinds.

Among them, likely, you have also heard of the use of cannabidiol, a non-psychotropic substance extracted from legal hemp plants.

But is CBD beneficial for osteoarthritis?

And if so, how to use it?

Here are all the clarifications regarding the effects and use of CBD to relieve the pains of osteoarthritis.

How is CBD used for joint pain? Here are the most common methods

Osteoarthritis is a pathology that, consuming cartilage, leads to gradual deformation of the skeleton and reduced mobility. It mainly affects the knees, the sides, the lumbar and cervical area and, almost always, is accompanied by disabling painful states.

Today, the primary purpose of the most common treatments for osteoarthritis is to soothe pain and contain inflammation and damage to the joints.

How is CBD used for joint pain?

In traditional medicine, for this purpose, painkillers, opioids and anti-inflammatories based on cortisone are used.

In natural medicine, however, devil’s claw, arnica, escin and other anti-inflammatory herbs are mainly used.

Recently, however, another very effective remedy has been discovered to limit the discomfort related to arthrosis: CBD (or cannabidiol), an active ingredient extracted from hemp plants (CBD cannabis).

It appears that CBD can interact with some endocannabinoids related to the perception of pain and that it has strong anti-inflammatory properties and protective action on the nervous system: a perfect mix for those who suffer from very intense joint pain daily.

But how is CBD used for osteoarthritis?

Let’s start by saying that the most used products are CBD oil and creams based on this substance.

CBD oil is taken:

  • with the sublingual mode: it consists in dispensing a few drops of the product under the tongue so that the body immediately absorbs them;
  • orally: the product is ingested after adding it to a drink or some food;
  • by inhalation: the oil is mixed with a liquid suitable for vaporization.

CBD oil cream for osteoarthritis, on the other hand, is applied directly to particularly painful areas of the body (with a simple massage). As an alternative to creams, CBD oil Sativa diluted in another oily base can also be used.

In the same way, in addition to arthrosis, some use CBD oil for back pain, muscle pain and many other ailments: it is a remedy with a thousand properties.

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Scientific studies related to the effect of CBD on arthrosis

Although CBD’s beneficial properties are widely recognized in some areas of the world, in Switzerland and other countries, this substance (contained in both oil and cannabis CBD buds) cannot yet be used freely for healing purposes.

The reason is that the scientific literature on the use of cannabidiol for the treatment of arthrosis and many other pathologies is still insufficient, so it is necessary to wait for the results of new studies. At the same time, it must be said that it is, precisely the prohibitive laws of many locations, a cause of the slowdown in further research.

For the moment, it can be fascinating to know the results of some tests already concluded.

For example, in ‘NCBI’, a brief review of the therapeutic and pharmacological efficacy of cannabidiol in the management of joint diseases has been published.

Scientific studies related to the effect of CBD on arthrosis

In this article, it is highlighted that human studies are still few. Research carried out in the animal world has shown the actual effectiveness of Cannabidiol in reducing the response to endogenous pain in case of acute arthritic conditions.

Scientists from the Department of Neuroscience at Trinity College, Dublin have shown how taking CBD can optimally protect joints affected by arthritis.

At the end of the study, the researchers validated that cannabinoids can act both as anti-inflammatories and as regulators of biological tissue engineering processes aimed at cartilage repair.

In conclusion

According to the scientific data collected so far, it appears that CBD can give the best of itself when it comes to soothing inflammation and joint pain.

Despite this, there is still a need for some confirmation. Only after an adequate number of laboratory tests have been achieved in Switzerland, as already happens in other areas of the world, will it be possible to legally use CBD for joint pain instead of drugs such as ibuprofen diclofenac, etc.

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