California Haze: the genetics behind this masterpiece

The California Haze CBD

Modified on: 02/05/2024


The legal CBD marijuana California Haze is one of the most respected and oldest strains of the cannabis world, appreciated by connoisseurs for both its appearance and for its aroma and taste.

Its medium to large inflorescences are green (usually light green) and covered with red pistils, which can sometimes also turn purple. These flowers are rich in compact resin, which gives them a high amount of CBD: the cannabidiol of our California Haze easily exceeds 24%, making it one of the most powerful CBD cannabis varieties.

The scent of this species is very sweet and the fruity taste, that tastes like strawberry, peach and even cotton candy (especially in the aftertaste).

California Haze is a must-see strain of CBD weed, and its excellence comes primarily from its parents. This strain originates from the cross between Sour Diesel and Classic Haze, further crossed with a Mexican Ruderalis.

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Marijuana Sour Diesel

Marijuana Sour Diesel, one of California Haze’s parents.

The Sour Diesel is a world-famous Sativa marijuana, also known as Sour Diesel.

This strain of CBD cannabis, of unknown origins, takes its name from its aroma: in fact, it has an intoxicating smell of lemons and pungent diesel fuel. Sour Diesel “classic” marijuana is powerful, with THC levels of up to 23%.

It is no coincidence that among the main side effects of its intake, especially for non-regulars, there is often anxiety and paranoia. Besides, it is acting on the concentration, and it gives a feeling of “head in the clouds are difficult”.

At the same time, Sour Diesel has stimulating properties and induces a cerebral high, energizing and stimulating.

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Marijuana Classic Haze, parent of California Haze together with Sour Diesel.

Classic Haze, or Original Haze, cannabis is highly sought after for its stimulating effects, sometimes very strong, and is used as a base in many hybrids, including the California Haze marijuana.

It is a winning combination of Sativa genetics from Colombia, Mexico, Thailand and India and was created by “The Haze Brothers” during the 1970s.

Despite being very renowned, it isn’t very easy to find it on the market, mainly because of the long, very long production times. It takes up to 14 weeks of flowering before a batch of Haze can be processed.

The resulting flowers, if well grown, are truly excellent, which is why Haze varieties are still popular in the CBD buds market. They present unique aromas, fruity and sweet but often spicy, and very high quantities of THC. The flavour is earthy, citrus and spicy.

Even the effects are genuinely sensational: the Classic Haze is energizing, euphoric and stimulates creativity, perfect for use during the day (like the Sour Diesel). Mexican Cannabis: the “third inconvenient”

Mexican Cannabis: the “third inconvenient” that contributes to the birth of the California Haze.

Mexican cannabis is a ruderalis variety that has an average THC of 12-18%. It has a very sweet and spicy smell, which combines woody tobacco and earth with lemon, while the lavor is lemon and lime, earth and tobacco.

The buds of this strain are quite large and compact, bright green; they have numerous orange pistils and the right amount of resin.

Like all types of ruderalis, the plant is of short stature, and the leaves are smaller than the indica and CBD Flowers of Sativa, but its being “rough” gives it a high resistance to unfavourable temperatures, attack by pests, moulds and diseases.

And its effects?

They are truly amazing: it clears the mind, promotes concentration and creativity. These immediate effects are followed by drowsiness, relaxation and a state of serenity.

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Sour Diesel x Classic Haze x Mexican Cannabis = California Haze!

The crossing of these three cannabis species gives life to the CBD California Haze, especially the weakened ones in THC so that it is entirely following the law.

Specifically, our inflorescences have a thick layer of resin which determines a high number of cannabinoids. The legal ones: CBD + CBDA, exceed 24%!

They also come from a very particular Indoor cultivation that adapts perfectly to the needs of the plant. This technique is called aeroponics; provides for the growth of seedlings with the only vaporization of nutrients directly on the roots.

With this technique, only the essential nutrients administered in a controlled manner.

In this way, plants can “focus” more on the development of flowers, which are not by chance of the highest quality.

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