Advantages and disadvantages of cannabis: 5 advantages (objectives) of legalisation

Advantages and disadvantages of cannabis

Modified on: 17/06/2024


The history of cannabis goes back thousands of years, but in Switzerland, as in other countries around the world, the main problem is linked to the presence of THC.

This metabolite produces psychotropic effects which modify the user’s psychophysical state. It is why marijuana is illegal, unlike CBD cannabis, which has a tetrahydrocannabinol level of less than 1%.

The cannabis legalisation could lead to many changes for both the population and the country, especially from an economic point of view.

We now know that it is considered legal to buy products based on CBD, the non-psychoactive principle of marijuana, which is non-addictive and has relaxing effects on the consumer (when its use is authorised).

But let look at the advantages of possible cannabis legalisation.

The first benefits of legalisation: consumer protection and tighter controls

The first three benefits of cannabis legalisation could have a substantial positive impact on the whole country. They are:

  • Checking consumption (adults only)
  • Protecting consumers with certified products
  • More government revenue from the underworld

First of all, we could reduce the use of marijuana by minors who, as things stand at present, do not have any problems buying it illegally on the street.

Cannabis legalization: advantages

To give a concrete example: In Amsterdam, a country that we love so much, coffee shops are not allowed to sell you anything unless you are at least 18 years old.

In Switzerland, various studies have shown that cannabis use is widespread throughout the country, even though it is illegal.

Legalisation could protect consumers who are aware of the quality and origin of the cannabis they use.

If the ban does not thwart the sale of the weed, the first signs of an improvement in the situation will be even more apparent.

Let us now consider the third advantage of the legalisation of marijuana, with a paragraph devoted exclusively to this issue.

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Legalisation and the economy: real progress for the country.

The third advantage of cannabis legalisation concerns a strong positive impact for Switzerland from an economic point of view.

Other countries, such as Canada, have already indicated that the legal cannabis market is a real help in increasing the annual revenue of the state.

Thanks to companies specialising in the production and marketing of cannabis, new jobs could be created, the already widespread consumption of cannabis could be regulated, and it could become a year-round tourist attraction.

In reality, all this would also help Switzerland to fight against the criminal organisations that have built up a real empire on the illegal cannabis market.

At present, it is impossible to deny the positive effects that products such as CBD oil have had on the market: 100% natural, anti-inflammatory, antiemetic, sedative and with no side effects for consumers, as demonstrated by those who are authorised to use it in the countries where it is found.

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Legalisation and cannabis: awareness and knowledge

Unfortunately, the closure of the cannabis issue has led a large part of the population in Switzerland to view its use with restraint and to extend the negative concept to legal marijuana without doping effects.

The truth is that after the legalisation of cannabis, there would be greater dissemination of information on the benefits of (moderate) marijuana use, and we are talking in particular about those benefits, which have been scientifically proven by numerous studies.

It demonstrates the fourth advantage of legalisation: a more in-depth awareness for every citizen that goes beyond the usual taboos.

There is a need for greater awareness among citizens, which perhaps still has nothing to do with the fact that cannabis for therapeutic purposes. It is also legally available by prescription in Switzerland, and CBD weed, which is almost entirely free of THC (<1%), must also be consumed for therapeutic purposes.

Both tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabinol (CBD) can relieve and counteract many psychophysical health problems. To this end, several universities have been conducting studies on cannabis use for years to demonstrate concretely how to use it with caution: this is the fifth advantage of the legalisation of marijuana.

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Legalisierung von Cannabis: Pro und Contra

Cannabis legalisation: the disadvantages

The current legalisation of cannabis could bring advantages which should not be underestimated for our country.

But what are the disadvantages of legalisation?

The general opinion is that legalising cannabis consumption could lead to a market that is only seemingly transparent. Use by minors could continue if they are dependent on street vendors.

In this case, however, a vigorous response from the state is still needed to counter the use of minors not only by preventing drug trafficking but also by educating the younger ones (possibly with specific means resulting from legalisation).

Moreover, it seems that many people support the thesis that legalisation would encourage the use of hard drugs, as cannabis would become out of fashion.

The truth is that these are merely unsubstantiated theories: Legalising marijuana would make Switzerland a modern country also from a cultural point of view.


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