Legal marijuana: 3 reasons to prefer buying from Italy

CBD weed: 3 reasons

Modified on: 19/04/2024


With the boom of CBD cannabis, many CBD flower shops were born in Italy and, more generally, throughout Europe.

Understanding why the spread of legal cannabis is not complicated. CBD flowers are almost THC-free (they may have less than 1%) and rich in CBD, a non-psychotropic cannabinoid with highly beneficial effects on our body. THC is so low that it does not give any result.

Besides, CBD marijuana, unlike cannabis from the black market, is not “cut” with other substances.

You probably know that illegal cannabis is often mixed with harmful substances such as chemicals, metals and more to increase its weight (this way the dealer gives the buyer less marijuana than he should and earns more). It is not the case with legal marijuana, which must be perfectly legal and certified to be distributed on the market.

Those who consume CBD weed also claim that the aromas are the same as those of traditional grass and that its beneficial effects are truly exceptional without affecting the perception of reality. It can relax muscles, has anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects and much more. Many people love CBD for these reasons, and they prefer it to THC because it has no side effects.

These and other reasons lead a lot of people to buy light marijuana, and you are probably considering it too. But your question is where to buy it. Is it better in an online store that ships from Italy or a store out of Europe?

The answer is simple: better buy from Italy! And here are the reasons for our answer.

1) Legal marijuana from Italy: you are sure of its origins.

If you order your legal marijuana online at Just bob you know precisely where it is produced (i.e. in Italy) and how it is grown. In our product sheets, you will find all the information you may need. You will know in which Italian regions the hemp plants are grown, the cultivation method used and of course all the characteristics of hemp flowers.

See, for example, the product sheet of our marijuana Do Si Dos:

Do si Dos: the best of CBD

Watch also the video of Do Si Dos:

You should also know that all CBD cannabis varieties that you find on our CBD online shop come from organic cultivation. No pesticides or chemical fertilisers have affected the seedlings and flowers!

Not all foreign shops can guarantee all this information. Moreover, it is not necessarily that they use organic cultivation methods: there are a lot of producers, from which we avoid to supply ourselves, who use chemical pesticides and other not precisely beneficial substances to maximise the yield…

Have you ever wondered why our selection of legal cannabis is limited to a few products? The reason is simple: to meticulously control every seedling, the companies we rely on grow a few varieties and few plants. This way, they can avoid the use of pesticides and chemical fertilisers and guarantee us excellent CBD buds.

Better get a few but good ones! Well, that’s our philosophy.

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2) Light marijuana in Italy is certified.

The Cannabis Sativa Law 242/2016 allows the production of light marijuana with a THC limit below 1%. To trade exclusively legal hemp, we have every single batch analysed, and we put it on sale only after having obtained confirmation from the analysis laboratory that the cannabis flowers are within the THC quantities allowed by law.

Cannabis inflorescences produced in other countries do not have to comply with Italian law, and you may receive illegal products at home.

Moreover, not all foreign retailers guarantee you the certification of the products. For our part, know that we always publish the certifications and analyses related to the lot sold. You can find them right at the end of the product sheet, and you can click under the appropriate button to download them!

Delivery times and shipping cost

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3) Delivery times and shipping costs of foreign shops? Obviously, higher than those of Italian shops.

If you buy CBD weed online from a CBD flower shop based in Italy, like Just bob, you will receive your cannabis flowers within one or two working days at most. Moreover, the shipping costs are the usual European ones. We have to say that ours are lower than most online shops: 5,50 euro up to 59 euro order + free for orders over 59 euro!

As you can imagine, if you buy from a foreign country, the delivery time will be much longer: you could receive your marijuana flowers after at least two weeks of waiting, and we bet that’s not what you want.

Shipping costs are also higher, as they cannot benefit from the prices of national couriers. You could also pay 10 or 15 euros to receive your CBD flowers after several weeks from the moment you place your order. While with us you would pay a maximum of 5.50 euros to receive your fragrant CBD buds after one or two days.

Why pay more and wait several weeks when you could receive the best legal cannabis in a short time, directly to your home? Then don’t wait any longer: order our legal cannabis varieties now on Justbob!