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Choosing CBD weed of Justbob

Modified on: 13/05/2023


Do you want to buy CBD online and receive it directly and conveniently at home? The best e-commerce for buying legal marijuana is certainly Justbob.shop.

The JustBob shop operates throughout Europe in the trade of CBD cannabis. It offers you the best marijuana varieties at very competitive prices and.

Of course, in compliance with the narcotics legislation. The THC content never exceeds 1%, and we have all batches analysed in certified laboratories to ensure this.

Once you have ordered your cannabis flowers and possibly CBD oil and legal hashish, you will receive an anonymous parcel directly at your doorstep. You can pay for it in advance by credit card or in any other way you prefer, as indicated on our website.

In addition to this information, which may seem general, we have 3 reasons you should buy from JustBob online CBD shop if you want to receive legal cannabis directly to your home.

Read on to find out what they are!

Find the best CBD cannabis with Just Bob

1) Legal Marijuana? At JustBob, you will find the best varieties of certified organic CBD cannabis

Finding a transparent company, shows all batch certifications and has each type tested before it is marketed is not very easy these days. That is why if you want light cannabis, you should buy it at Justbob.shop.

Every marijuana strain for sale in our CBD cannabis shop is tested by certified laboratories and does not go online if it exceeds the legally permitted THC limit (< 1%). You can find the certification in the product sheet of the legal weed flowers cultivated in Italy using methods adapted to their needs.

The varieties we sell are grown indoors, outdoors or in greenhouses using methods that range from hydroponic to aeroponic cultivation, and sometimes to traditional weed cultivation. And there is more: every plant is grown according to organic cultivation standards!

The cannabis buds sold at Just Bob have never come into contact with chemical pesticides and fertilisers, heavy metals or other substances that are harmful to the plant, the environment, and our organisms.

When you order from our online shop for legal cannabis, you can be 100% sure that you will receive excellent quality, organic, and grown products in protected environments. All this at the best competitive price!

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2) The prices of JustBob’s CBD cannabis are genuinely unique.

When one thinks of the cost of legal marijuana, it is not uncommon to think of a costly product, primarily when grown to high standards. It is not the case at JustBob.

We did mot decide to get rich but to make this product accessible to anyone who wants it.

The threshold for the free shipping of CBD cannabis, CBD oils and pre rolled CBD is also very low: if you order up to 60 euros, you will receive – at the address you indicate – your package without paying for shipping fees!

And the more you spend, the more you save!

For example, 3 grams of Gorilla Glue costs 27 euros, 5 grams cost 44 euros, 10 grams of Gorilla Glue CBD costs 79 euros, and so on. The price per gram is lowered according to the quantity you order, so you can buy lots of fragrant legal cannabis flowers without spending too much.

With JustBob, online payments are 100% secure

3) With JustBob, online payments are 100% secure

Are you afraid of web scams and thinking of buying CBD cannabis with payment on delivery? With JustBob you don’t have to worry at all.

First of all, we ship throughout Europe with excellent reviews and secondly because we only allow secure online payments.

Thanks to Vivawallet, your transactions are always protected, and the violation of credit cards or prepaid cards by criminals is not covered in any way.

The speedy transaction allows you to receive your products in a short time (shipments take 24 hours from the date of order confirmation). You will receive your legal marijuana buds vacuum sealed, but as soon as you open the bag, you will smell an wonderful scent that will improve your day!

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High CBD marijuana? Buy it on JustBob!

We would have liked to give you 3 reasons why you should buy light marijuana at JustBob and have it delivered to your doorstep, but we can’t stop there: we have another one in store for you. Our CBD buds are all high in CBD as they are grown with rigorous care, using only organic fertilisers.

Seedlings are monitored at all stages: from seed (which must be well matured) to bud; from the vegetative growth phase to the flowering phase, until the flower is fully mature. Light/darkness, humidity, water and nutrients are meticulously dosed according to the stage the seedling is in, which is the only way to achieve high CBD percentages and healthy, fragrant, resin-rich flowers!

What are you waiting for? Buy your CBD weed now on JustBob: the best varieties are waiting for you at an unbeatable price!

NB: The above prices may vary. Always check the availability and costs of products directly in the online CBD shop.