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CBD OIL Sensitiva 15 ml | 15%

Sensitiva high-quality Oil is totally THC Free and rich of CBD.

The CBD oil available in our shop comes from Italian outdoor crops, which totally avoid fertilizers, pesticides, and manure. The processing phase is thought as to maintain every and all the plant properties.

As a matter of fact, the isolated CBD used to increase coconut CMT oil’s CBD concentration, is the result of a cold extraction without solvents from cannabis sativa flowers. The oil has indeed a certain amount of CBD since it is obtained from the buds with neutral solvents or through a process in which CO2 is subject to high pressure.

Also, the latter is responsible for the transparency of the oil and its pleasant taste, that mitigates the hay shade of CBD. The fragrance is extremely delicate and not at all intrusive.

A product that can also be used for the everyday needs due to the agreeableness and the efficacy of its action.

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26 reviews for Sensitiva 15% | 15ml

  1. Dadda

    It all happened very quickly. I took some rolls and this oil.

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