Hemp oil on the face: how to use it to prevent wrinkles

Hemp oil on the face: how to use it

Modified on: 10/04/2023


For some time now, hemp oil (extracted from the seeds of the light cannabis plant) has been included in the list of many-body and facial cosmetics ingredients.

In particular, we hear about hemp oil for the face as an excellent product for improving skin elasticity and counteracting the appearance of wrinkles or reducing the appearance of those already present.

What are the effects of this product on the face?

How is it used?

Here are all the clarifications.

Hemp oil on the face: why it’s a cure-all

The fact that so many brands, including some very prestigious ones, have included cannabis oil among the ingredients of their daily skin care products is truly curious.

Until recently, this ingredient was almost unknown, but now it is so much talked about.

How come?

Hemp oil on the face: why it’s a cure-all

Is hemp oil a cure-all for the face?

What are its effects?

Yes, the oil extracted from CBD cannabis is an excellent ally for the skin, and numerous dermatological studies prove this.

Let’s find out why.

First, it is essential to point out that we have a different skin types: some have oily skin, some dry, some mature, some young and some sensitive.

Hemp oil for the face is suitable for all skin types: by interacting with the epidermis, it rebalances it, moisturizing it without greasing it.

In addition, hemp oil can soothe irritated or inflamed skin and rebalance sebum production in areas affected by acne.

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Hemp oil for wrinkles: how to use it?

As well as having soothing and moisturizing properties, the oil obtained from pressing legal cannabis seeds also has anti-wrinkle solid properties.

It contains substances such as linoleic acid, oleic acid, and vitamin F, which slow down the ageing of the skin and regenerate its surface layer.

Numerous studies have confirmed, in particular, that hemp oil is effective in counteracting the action of free radicals, which are mainly responsible for the degradation of collagen and, therefore, the loss of elasticity and skin tone.

Hemp oil moisturizes and protects against external aggressions such as UV rays, wind, cold, and smog. Besides, it is an antioxidant and promotes tissue regeneration. It is, therefore, able to keep the skin elastic and strong, preventing the appearance of wrinkles and skin spots.

Hemp oil for wrinkles: how to use it?

  • Facial massages
    The easiest way to use hemp oil on the face as an anti-wrinkle agent is to massage it into the eye area with gentle circular movements until completely absorbed. Ideally, massage the oil in the late evening before going to bed, after cleansing thoroughly.
  • Mix the oil into your usual cream
    Another way to take advantage of the anti-wrinkle properties of hemp oil is to mix it into your usual face cream. You can pour a small amount of oil directly into the jar, or you can combine the two products in your hand before applying.
  • Let the oil work deeply thanks to heat.
    To obtain a deep action of the active ingredients in hemp oil, it is beneficial to cover your face with a warm, damp cloth after applying the product. In this way, the skin’s pores will open up, and the oil and all its beneficial properties will be able to penetrate more deeply: wrinkles will be immediately reduced, and the skin will be beautiful and luminous.

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Hemp oil with a thousand properties: conclusions

Although the countless properties of hemp oil have only recently come to light, today, this product is a real hit which is included in the list of ingredients of many cosmetics.

The oil extracted from marijuana seeds is perfect for dry, stressed, sensitive, mature, or simply moisturized skin.

As well as for the face, however, oil extracted from hemp has also proved interesting for many other purposes. It is no coincidence that the properties of cannabis and its derivatives are increasingly the subject of study and research around the world.

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