CBD dosage for anxiety and insomnia: here’s how to adjust

CBD-Dosierung für Angst und Schlaflosigkeit: So passen Sie sich an

Published on: 06/04/2023


People who suffer from anxiety, stress and insomnia are many more than you could imagine!

A thousand commitments of everyday life and some particular events, in fact, often trigger in the human organism of many people a series of unmanageable reactions that, sometimes, become disabling and/or embarrassing.

If you’re also experiencing such a time and have read that taking CBD, a non-psychotropic cannabinoid extracted from cannabis, could help manage difficulty falling asleep or relaxing, it’s also likely that you’d like to have additional information about the amounts to take.

What is the most suitable dosage of CBD to face anxiety and insomnia?

How do you adjust not to exceed the doses?

Considering that CBD (or cannabidiol) is present in CBD oil, CBD flowers and in legal hash, it is difficult to give a precise answer.

In this article, to better understand, we will talk mainly about CBD oil, but the mechanism for dosing the active ingredient is almost the same concerning other products.

We also want to clarify that the intake of CBD in Switzerland is not legal, so we advise you to read what we are going to write only as information.

Let’s start.

Amount of CBD: how do you adjust?

Amount of CBD: how do you adjust?

Today, due to insufficient data, there are no official information about the daily-quantity of CBD that would be better for a person to face problems like anxiety and insomnia.

It is also because, in many European and non-European countries, the use of this substance has not been approved, and, in general, CBD has not yet been considered a real cure.

So, how can you know how much CBD per day?

Where allowed, those who use CBD oils, hashish or legal hemp find their ideal dose with a bit of experimentation.

The ideal is to start with low amounts of the active ingredient and then increase them progressively according to your body’s reaction.

To better understand the concept, we will take as an example the use of CBD oil.

Before deciding how many drops of CBD to take to sleep well or to relax, it is essential to consider:

  • The percentage of the oil.
  • the size of the person.
  • the kind of problem you want to solve.

If we talked about potency in the first point, it is because the concentrations of CBD in the oil are not always the same. Furthermore, in our JustBob store, you can find products that contain 5% cannabidiol, others that have 10% and so on, up to a maximum of 25%.

In essence, the higher the content of the cannabinoid dissolved in the oil, the fewer drops you need to take.

In addition to what we have just specified, it must also be considered that a small and light person should ingest or vaporize fewer drops of oil than a heavier individual.

Finally, CBD quantities are also formulated, considering the result you want to achieve and the extent of the disorder that afflicts everyone.

A small amount of CBD will be sufficient to stop an intense state of anxiety for somebody but for others not.

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CBD oil: when to take it?

Having clarified the main criteria that should be considered to obtain the ideal dose of CBD to soothe the symptoms of anxiety and insomnia, now it is likely that you are also curious to know if there are better times to take this cannabinoid than others.

Some people prefer to take CBD in the morning or in the middle of the day and other people in the evening. It’s all depending on the needs of each consumer:


CBD oil: when to take it?

  • it makes sense to take CBD in the morning if you wake up already particularly agitated or with a feeling of clouded mind (typical of particularly stressful periods);
  • using CBD oil in the evening could be helpful to relax after a hectic day, to help both body and mind relax.
  • Even during the day, it can happen to feel particularly agitated and thoughtful. Using CBD in these moments, will help to free the mind and generate a feeling of relaxation and light-heartedness.

Are there also times when taking CBD is not recommended?

Usually, it is not recommended to use cannabidiol-based products before driving or if you have to use potentially dangerous machines or vehicles, both in the workplace and not.

The reason is that if you will ingest or vaporize too high doses or if the organism in that moment will be more sensitive than usual, you might experience a feeling of drowsiness.

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In conclusion

Starting from a minimum dose, each person must find the right amount of CBD crystals, oil or CBD product in general to use daily without any kind of problem.

If you also want to try CBD, be careful! We remind you that you would do well to inform yourself about the country’s current laws in which you are located, or you could risk getting into trouble.

Meanwhile, if you are a collector of CBD weed and its derivatives, we invite you to visit our cannabis CBD online shop.

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